A seaside escape: Shellharbour.


After my last post to this stunning region, I wrote of how I truly count down the days until I can visit again, so naturally when Shellharbour Tourism approached me to work on the unspoilt NSW campaign I all but jumped at the chance.


A favourite seaside escape, Shellharbour is blessed with a beautiful environment of beaches, lakes and national parks, incredible local food served with a genuine smile and magical underwater worlds. 

It really does have a summer vibe all year round, with a laid back lifestyle that gently washes away all the noise and replaces it with a sense of peacefulness. 


Given the opportunity to further explore all areas that fall under the Shellharbour region meant more time well-spent in heaven on earth, otherwise famously known as “The Farm.”  Watching both the sun rise and set from various vantage points (Killalea State Park – The Farm Beach & Mystics Beach) as everything switches off and naturally settles into living in that very moment. 

A leisurely morning spent down at Bushrangers Bay where the smell of salty air sprinkled on our sun-kissed skin and the quiet beauty begins to clear the mind, wake the senses and consume you. Here you can dive under and discover another world beneath in the spectacular aquatic reserve of either Bushrangers or Bass Point. Originally I had this adventure booked in, but unfortunately due to being sick it was a health risk for me to use my aqualungs. I guess it's all the more reason to go back yet again... right?!

Only half an hour drive in-land and we found ourselves in Macquarie Pass National Park getting in touch with nature, walking through the nature reserve and hiking along the bush trail to be welcomed and pleasantly surprised by a fresh, but jaw-dropping, cascading waterhole. An afternoon exploring barefoot and breathing in this enticing place.


Finally joining the birds and taking to sky for a scenic flight over the crystal clear waters with an early morning Helicopter ride. The beauty of this untouched region blows my mind every time and seeing it from a bird eye view is nothing short of exhilarating. 


The South Coast, Shellharbour is authentically unspoilt.

M. x