The Red Centre

Palya and welcome to The Northern Territory, Australia. 

World famous for its amazing desert landscapes, cultural experiences and chandler night sky, Uluru truly is the spiritual heart of Australia. Iconic and offering a true Australian experience, the Northern Territory presents a breadth and diversity of things to do in the outback and this beautiful country. 


Anangu people are the traditional owners of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. For well over 30,000 years they have passed down their knowledge, generation to generation, to keep the land, their culture and their people strong. To Anangu, Uluru has always been a special place - a living place that has a story. Anangu invited us to come on a journey, to open our hearts and open our minds and to take those memories with us. To feel connected with the power of this country and immersed in the wonderfully rich, ancient intricacies of the Indigenous culture and the mysterious tjukurpa.

Inspired and highly impacted by the treasured experience of Uluru, we spent a few days absorbing the natural beauty of the Red Centre, deeply enriched in culture and in stories of the land. Our days were filled with exploration, education and action - Nature, culture, nature, adventure!

Alive - -  and swirling in the landscape that surrounds you. 

We journeyed through some of the most astounding landscapes and unbelievable land formations on earth, uncovering their ancient stories and discovering the dramatic and raw beauty of The Northern Territory. Experienced the tranquility of the land, keeping culture alive through storytelling and through embracing and celebrating the oldest living civilisation in the world. 

Marvelling at distant skies, silenced by the sounds, watching in amazement as the transformation of colours in the desert highlighted the stunning beauty of this remarkable region. Dot painting workshops, cultural dancing performances, riding high above the desert on Camels and adventurous Harley Davidson motorcycle tours.

A bucket list for many... but need I say more? Why not change that “some day” into now

M. x

✧ ✧ ✧

Much love Lauren, Jack, Matt, GazFlying the Nest & Mon.