Visit NSW - Discover The Blue Mountains.

Recently I found myself back in the Blue Mountains with Visit NSW and some of my favourite work peers/friends for a few quick but fulfilling days of adventure. Last time I was here I spoke to some locals about the ever-changing scenery of this stunning landscape, all of whom told me, with a certain enthusiasm, about the beauty of Autumn. And did it live up to its beautiful reputation? Did it ever!

The leaves had only just begun to turn that perfect blend of green, gold and auburn, the air was noticeably crisp and the fog hung in those enchanting valleys long enough to make the heart race faster as each day broke.

Our guide Dan from Blue Mountains Adventure Company put it perfectly when he said that "The magic of these mountains doesn't lay in their heights but their depths.”

Unwinding to the the tranquil sound of moving water at the base of Sylvia falls and sitting on the edge of the escapement, wrapped in blankets and marvelling at the ancient formations formed 50 million years ago is one thing. But to have a chance to experience what makes this place truly unique was, without a doubt, a highlight of being back in the region for me.

The fun began with a 25m overhanging abseil, followed by swimming, scrambling and wading through the geological treasure of the Grand Canyon. Carved over millions of years by the continuous action of running water, the grandeur and unspoilt beauty of the canyons which are unique to the Blue Mountains almost defies description. It’s something you need to see and feel for yourself. And for someone who is scared of heights, the abseil was surprisingly exhilarating. Conquering fears and most definitely an experience to remember.

Another unique piece of the region I didn’t get to experience on my first visit was the magical Glow Worm colony in a hidden canyon. This time I was lucky enough to take a night time tour there.

We had the chance to get up close to these enchanting bio-luminescent creatures in their undisturbed natural environment. Laying silently in the dark of the night, absorbing the beauty of silence and observing nature’s very own special light emitting creatures.

Honestly, I feel like there is so much more to explore, waiting to be uncovered, just hidden around the corner of the sublimely beautiful Blue Mountains. I hope to see it in another season.


Much love to - Hello Emile, Jason Charles Hill, William Patino