It's not very often at all that I photograph editorials, but I'll definitely make the exception for my beautiful and incredibly talented friend Joanne; the creator of Altham.

A day where everything we had planned went out the window and we found ourselves jumping fences, talking our way out of and narrowly escaping serious trouble (My fault - I'm sorry! Always ask permission first), finding rainbows, chasing fading light and waiting for little rain showers to clear.

If you are interested in supporting Australian businesses with attention to fine detail, luxurious fabrics and innovative design concepts please head over to Altham

Joanne, I wholeheartedly believe in your abilities as a designer and to bring something new and inspiring to the Australian fashion industry. I single-handily know the amount of sleepless nights, the dedication, the tears and how much of your self you have poured into the first capsule and I couldn't be more proud of you.

Looking forward to our next  together and also the many years of friendship ahead. I'd be absolutely lost without a friend like you in my life.


M. x

By Joanne Altham
Model: Tori Trigg
MUA: Nicole Hitchcock
Location: Various Mulimbimby & Byron Bay