Behind the scenes of the Australian Traveller front cover story

My second trip to the red centre was one to remember. It’s nice discovering places you don’t know too much about. I try not to do too much beyond the basic research before visiting a place because I find there’s something exciting about getting to a new destination and letting it surprise you.

Admittedly, like most, I did a quick Google map and image search to see why Devils Marbles was the destination of choice for the front cover of this The Bucket List 2014 issue of Australian Traveller and it didn’t take me long to discover why. Except the reality of Devils Marbles exceeded any preconceived expectation I had.

The journey for me began with a flight, an overnight stop over, another flight and a 5-hour road trip. That long and straight wide-open road with probably too many “can we stop the car” moments by an eager photographer (me). The anxious photographer in me was it hanging at every opportunity to get out, explore and capture the beauty of Australia’s Northern Territory.

I was invited to Devils Marbles to capture a behind the scenes documentation of the AT front cover and destination shoot, a secret I had to keep from my social media until the release of the magazine. As a travel photographer who usually documents on the road this was also personal challenge as my senses where in overdrive and I was bursting to share Northern Territory’s best kept secret.

My behind the scenes journey was much more than I expected, I had such a great time capturing every moment of the outback beauty and thrive off being surrounded by like-minded creative’s and inspiring women who spent as much time saying “wow, this place is amazing” as me.

Taking any chance to breathe in that sense of freedom along an open road, the scenery like no other and that breathtaking nighttime chandler that the Northern Territory is famous for. We had that real outback experience eating at the local pub, staying at the local inn, immersing into the art and culture and learning about the traditions of the people, the place from the locals; something I find so interesting and absolutely love about travelling.

Like every place I seem to visit I’m always itching to get back there before I leave. No time is long enough. If I could tell you one thing about Devils Marbles it’s that visiting there makes you want to quit your life, buy a caravan and live every night there under those stars. I might just do that… one day…

*A special mention and thank you to Georgia, Elise and Anna for a great few days travelling together. I hope there is a next time.

*To Canon Australia for the use of the 16-35mm 2.8 and 70-200mm for this trip, without either of these lenses I wouldn’t have been able to capture the essence of the incredible outback.

*To Aus Outback NT for being such great hosts and showing us around, teaching us about the land. Sarah, you were amazing!

M. x