City 2 Outback with ETSY Australia, featuring Hobart's Evie & Essie.

Beautiful things don’t have to cost the Earth

I was recently a part of @etsyau's#city2outback adventure featuring Evie and Essie, based in the picturesque foothills of Hobart’s Mt Wellington. The Children’s clothing label Evie & Essie is the joint love of best friends and lifelong crafters Suki Hopgood and Sarah Crawford.

Suki and Sarah hosted myself and the Etsy team for a few days, showing us around the unique beauty of Hobart with the city and its surrounds being a constant source of both inspiration and escape.

(the) beauty of the Mountain is that it is ever changing - the colours, smells and the forms of the rocks and the trees. The journey to the top, by car or foot, is full of twists and turns. New wonders around every corner. She’s really in our heart.

We were welcomed with open arms into their homes and studio and we spent a few days exploring together. From the favourite, local run coffee shop, to heritage buildings, a ferry ride across to MONA and mini waterfall adventures, to catching bubbles in the sun light, stomping on the fresh, crunchy, autumn leaves and of course the mountain. A great way to get a taste of this beautiful destination and an insight to the lives of these two amazing women and their families. 

It was also really inspiring for me personally to spend some time with passionate, hard-working individuals who've come together in the effort to encourage others to create sustainable, handmade products with a positive impact to the environment. 

Suki and Sarah believe that by connecting with the making process we are inclined to consume far less - it's good for our wallets and the earth. 

It’s easy to see why the label Evie and Essie was born here with this as their backyard "playground."

See more of what E&E do here.

M. x