"I wonder if the things that remind me of you, remind you of me." 

I recently went on a whirlwind (and I really mean whirlwind) adventure to Colombia with Kathmandu.

What can I tell you about it? My itch for South America has only just been scratched and I’m left wanting more.

We hit the ground running and began filming at the airport in Medellín city. I've never hidden that I am not much of a city girl, but I think the cute streets, botanical gardens and salsa-dancing nightlife in Medellín are attractions I'll go back for. Despite the worst jet lag of my travelling life, I was swooned by a Colombian gentleman who did not seem to mind how many times I stepped on his toes whilst we salsa'd. I caught glimpses of his girlfriend sitting back with a smile on her face whilst I twirled and uncontrollably laughed.

 I fell in love with the locals, of course, particularly in the "slums". I myself have trouble writing that as a sentence, however, I was assured by my guide that is what it is referred to. Comuna santo Domingo is the Spanish translation of the town at the top of the hills which we reached via (a very hot and sweaty) cable car. If you look below, you see the essence of the place in the beautiful children who can teach you more in a moment of "conversation" than you have felt in days or weeks. They possess an innocent beauty and a charming way of viewing the world. My heart was melted.

I spend a lot of time in transit, a lot of time on the road with music in my ears and the changing horizons passing by through a blurry window scene. In Colombia, my great friend and travel buddy Lauren, the film crew and I did it all. We drove to the country, caught tuk tuk's, local buses, local boats, and of course travelled on foot.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is how this job was different for me. As well as the usual documentary style capturing of my trips, I was also being filmed for Kathmandu's new video - It won’t come out until May, I'm told. However, Colombia and my journey from Medellín to The Rock of Guatapé with their brand new Terrain Pack became a part of the story - A story I will be able to share with you soon.

Something my best friend always asks me to do when I’m travelling to a new destination is to write to her and tell her about what I am seeing, smelling, hearing, thinking and feeling… to absorb it all. And today I'm feeling particularly romantic as I write this blog post, so I want to share a few highlights of my trip with @kathmandu_live.

Climbing the 740 stairs to the summit of El Peñón de Guatapé for the most incredible 360° awe-inspiring views and that old, familiar feeling of being small.

 A rainy early morning spent strolling through the beautiful, colourful streets of Guatapé town filled with memorable moments and interactions with locals. One moment in particular, which made my heart race, I wish to keep to myself.  The dreamy, reflective way that rain both accurately depicts my mood and enhances all of the colours, sights and the echoing sounds of people going about their daily routine. Silently observing.

My guide Naty and our driver Fabian. Fabian gives good hugs. And Natty - her energy and presence is insatiable. As a personal recommendation, I would go and see this girl and her home.

The countryside of Guatapé was it for me. Being able to find calm in the chaos, the sky and mountains. Always.

And what always keeps me coming back for more - that sensory overload, the people. Those moments that make my chest ache and make the exhausting, deflating, over-analysing anxieties and extremely high pressured nature of my job fade away… because despite those difficulties, truly, I love what I do.

M. x

*All photos of me by Lauren EP Bath.