Hervey Bay with Oceans Resort and Spa Hervey Bay, an Ascend Hotel Collection member.

Recently I was invited to Hervey Bay to stay at the Oceans Resort and Spa Hervey Bay, an Ascend Hotel Collection member who's passion is to connect their visitors with the local. My Grandparents have lived in Hervey Bay for the last 22 years, so I was really excited to get a chance to head back up to this amazing, little part of Queensland. We took a day trip to the World's largest sand island, K'gari (Fraser Island). A day well spent exploring the natural beauty of the crystal clear freshwater lake Boorangoora,wandering through Wanggoolba Creek and the beautiful rainforest, driving along the white sand of 75 mile breach, relaxing in Eli creek and an incredibly picturesque seaplane flight over the 1935 shipwrecked SS Maheno. I have fond memories visiting the island as a child, but as an adult it really does seem like utopia; as the Dreamtime story of the Butchulla People tells K'gari means "paradise."

Another day trip with Tasman Venture to get up close and personal with the real locals. It's end of season for whale watching, however the day definitely did not disappoint. I absolutely LOVE Whales and the first time we saw one breach some involuntary noise (maybe resembling the scream of a small child) came out of my mouth closely followed by "WOW!!!!" and then of course some tears.

It took my probably a good 20 minutes to chill out and do that thing I was there to do - take photographs, you know?

It's a really amazing experience to have these mesmerising creatures come within meters of you. Throughout the morning we saw around 5/6 pods of Whales and watched the mothers teach their calves how to breach and tail slap. I literally couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

If those few days weren't enough of a happiness injection, I also got the brief chance to see my Grandparents. There's no denying I absolutely love my job more than anything in the world and especially so when it allows me to spend time with my family. And I got to ride on the back of my Poppy's bike with him.. the look on his face is something that I will never forget.

Hervey Bay, you know I'll be back soon. x