X Live With Us


A change of season is coming; you can feel it in the air. You know the kind, those mornings that are so crisp and fresh that the cool air sends goosebumps all over your body. The sun is beginning to rise a little later and curling up beside one of your best friends in a loft apartment nestled between the beautiful coastline of Byron Bay and the rolling hills of Bangalow is the perfect escape.

Rising with the sun and feeling that light dance around the room, I rolled over to look out the window at the foggy valley right outside. I faintly recalled falling asleep listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the window with not a care in the world.  The raindrops now linger on the leaves and grass. The attractive reflections inspire my mood; I’m feeling particularly rested and creative here in this heavenly beach abode.

After breakfast at one of my favourite places, Woods Bangalow, we head towards the hinterland. We took a stroll through the dense rainforest of Nightcap National Park, full of winding escarpments and pristine creeks, and then rested at the base of the powerful Minyon Falls. We stood exhilarated beneath the elements. The sight of falling water captured our attention and lifted our sprits as we played, giggling uncontrollably and leaving with the kind of smile that makes your cheeks hurt.

We retreated to our little home away from home for the afternoon watching the sunset over the valley as the sky burned pink through the rain clouds. Being there, feeling some kind of wonderful. Leaving there was even harder. We travel far, but sometimes it’s that escape less than two a hour drive which leave your heart fuller.

It was a dreamy setting, a cosy fire place, incense lingering, a simple glass of shiraz, a nostalgic playlist and some veggies roasting in the oven. We talked the night away until our bellies were full and our eyes became too heavy.

With a romantic curiosity for adventure and a desire to see the world and our own backyard, we drove with the windows down and the stereo playing a mix of songs that made us laugh and reminisce over the last decade of our lives. The places we have lived, together and the countries apart, the experiences we have shared, the memories made and all the roads that led us there. And those roads that ultimately lead us both back home.

M. xx