"Travellers Stories" - on News.com.au & Geckos Tales

Recently I posted a photo story from an amazing trip with Geckos Adventures to Borneo. Here's a little bit of a behind the scenes story of our climb to Mt Kinabalu as seen on "Travellers Stories" with news.com.au and more about the entire adventure INTO THE WILD with Gecko's Tales.

We won’t lie to you: climbing Mt Kinabalu is hard as hell. But this girl is tough as nails and even ran the last 1km to the summit (in the dark, carrying her gear) to make it before the sunrise to set up a shot. (Imagine running UP an escalator that is going down, in the dark, with 15kg of camera gear in your backpack. You’re there.) Without crushing too hard, she is a tiny, tough, soulful, spirited, creative with a unique and authentic perspective of the world, and one that we think is pretty cool. Here’s what she thought about Borneo…

What an adventure it was! Thank you Geckos for a journey I definitely won't forget.

M. x