A r a b i a n D r e a m s •

I wanted to do this post a little different to the way I normally do, because we did a lot of seriously amazing things in Dubai and I’ll let the photographs do the talking, but I just wanted to share the personal highlights for me.

So, my top things to do in Dubai: 

Adventure, adventure, adventure! Dubai is one of the biggest playgrounds in the world.

Take a day trip to the Hatta Hajjar Mountains.
Just go and go high! The layers of the mountains and alien like landscape is unreal. Plus if you get too hot (which you will) then take a dip with the locals in the nearest waterhole.

You can visit the amazing Hatta Hajjar Mountains with Arabian Adventures.

Watch the sunset at Madinat Jumeirah Private Beach.
Because you can never spend too much time away from the ocean and the warm bath that is the Arabian Sea.

Hot Air Ballooning in the desert. 
Commitment is required. HOT air ballooning in the desert is absolutely what you would assume it to be; it’s HOT. But is it oh so worth it! A magic carpet ride.. if you will. The layers and texture of the desert from above is incredible!

Sunrise from the Burj Khalifa.
I’m more of a nature girl, okay I’m a huge nature girl, however this building is pretty amazing.

I don’t really know how to describe the feeling of standing at the top of the tallest building in the world and watching the sky explode.

124 floors up.. it took my breath away!

Visit the Souks and Old Town Dubai
The Al Fahidi District was originally established in the 19th century by Arab textile and pearl trading immigrants from Bastak and Iran. Immerse yourself here.

Sadly we didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked, but hands down this is my kind of place.

The winding streets are lined with resorted merchant houses, cafes, boutique hotels and art galleries. And the best way to travel between the two souk areas, separated by Dubai Creek, is by a traditional Abra.

A serious sensory overload!

Last but not least, explore the sand dunes!
The Arabian desert is so, so beautiful. Go camel trekking to sunset drinks and canapés, visit the wildlife conversation at Al-maha and see the free-roaming herds of endangered oryx and other desert wildlife. Or just go and roam around for hours (BYO water encouraged) because it’s just really, really beautiful.

Convinced yet?

Lastly, just wanna say a huge mention and THANK YOU to one of my mentors, favourite photographers and just all round amazing woman Lauren Bath (@laurenepbath). Thank you for everything you do for me always, but most importantly thank you for believing in me. Your friendship to me is invaluable.

Please also check out some of my friends/travel buddies photographs from this trip. I can honestly say for me being around this group of inspiring individuals, genuinely made my trip. Dubai Family - thank you for the best of times! I cannot wait to reunite with you all. <3

Elizabeth Carlson (@youngadventuress)

Hailey Bartholmew (@haileybe)

Jarrad Seng (@jarradseng)

Kyle Te-Kiwi (@bare_kiwi)

Lichi Pan (@lichipan)

Matthew Vandeputte (@matjoez)

Rob Mulally (@robmulally)

Tara Whiteman (@taramilktea)

And the hostest with the most-est

Sophia Chen (@so_pholicious)

M. x