Great Ocean Road

A week in Victoria’s well-loved National Parks

A week in Victoria’s well-loved National Parks

It’s been a few years since I life my life in Victoria behind and moved back to my home state of Queensland. Whenever anyone asks me if I miss the Victorian way of life, I must admit, I do miss my beautiful friends down there and the diverse range of National Parks within 3 hour radius of my old home.

I feel very fortunate that my job can provide the opportunity to re-visit some of the most beautiful places I have explored with my camera inside Australia.

Working for VIC Parks and Visit Melbourne was the first job in a stint of one month on the road, filled with four back-to-back jobs and a lot of travel (13 flights to be precise). It is now that I am sitting here to write about the journey, a month later, I am transported to the fresh feeling of spring lingering in the air and I can see the animals roaming freely on the greenest of grass, hear the firewood crackling of the evening and remember that crisp night sky.

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