Earlier this year, as part of my mother’s last wish, I travelled to Nepal and trekked the Himalayas with one of my best friends. The experience was both extremely challenging and infinitely rewarding. I dedicated every single step to my mum while honouring the promise to never give up on my dreams.

I spent five days offline with nothing but hours ahead of me to walk, climb, think and talk to the people I met along the way. I vividly remember one particular conversation with my mountain guide, Kiran, about happiness. He said to me "We don't have much, but we are grateful. We have our family, we have each other and we have our mountains." – This sole sentence struck a major chord within me and I was forced to consider the way I was living my life.

In Cambodia, one week later, when I heard the news of the devastating Earthquake in Nepal. I remember watching the news online and feeling completely overwhelmed. I knew I needed to do something but I was at a loss with how to help or where to start. Simply donating money didn’t seem fitting - I wanted to create something tangible and to give back to a country that gave me so much...

Dedicated to Leanne Marie Davis, who would have loved the Himalayas as much as I. Forever in my heart.
Also for the most warm-hearted and beautiful land, Nepal, in the wake of the tragic earthquake that devastated the country in April '15. May you recover, stronger than before.



Zine Size B5 / 60 pages.
Limited 500 copies.
Printed locally in Australia on 100% Recycled paper.
Cover: 300gsm | Internal Pages: 140gsm.
Price: $25 per zine (+ postage)

FULL profits donated to Nepal through The Intrepid Foundation.

GOAL: $10,000.00 AUD

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