sojourn [noun soh-jurn; verb soh-jurn, soh-jurn]
1. to stay for a time in a place; live temporarily:


‘SOJOURNER’ is Melissa Findley’s latest instalment in her sold out series of Photographic Zines.

Immortalising moments from home and abroad, Melissa has captured the same astonishing images that she has been producing throughout her whole career, but Sojourner brings something different to the frame.

With every turn of the page you are riding the wave of emotion and passion that can only come from a year spent experiencing one location at a time. A year of moving forward, refreshed by new locations and new emotions. A year of moving back again, familiarity, old favourites with a new perspective. A year of discovery, not just of places you can see, but places within, places you can feel, and the untold connection between the two.

Life is a perpetual state of change. The wisdom gained from change gives way to self-reflection and ultimately growth. We are constantly challenged by the human experiences of maturing, falling in love, the sobering reality of heartache and the trials and tribulations of life and of death. ’SOJOURNER’ is the result of balancing these inevitabilities of life with the ambiguity of constant adventure.

Through it all, the natural world is always waiting to breathe new life into us.

Inspired by the power of natures beauty and wonder, ‘SOJOURNER’ represents the ever-changing horizon being a source of strength and inspiration, particularly when being pushed to the limits while living on the road -- constantly evolving, striving, seeking and feeding that hunger for more.


Fifth self-published zine.
(December 2016)

Size: B5 | Pages: 82 Pages
Cover: 300 gsm | Internal Pages: 140 gsm
Printed locally in Australia on 100% Recycled paper, with Environmentally Friendly Inks and using Clean Green Printing Processes.

Limited to 400 copies worldwide. 

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Price: $30 per zine (+ postage)