We are all visitors here, in this time, in this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe. To learn, to grow and to love, and then we return home.
— Australian Aboriginal proverb.

VI. Six. A number synonymous with home and what that means to us all, no matter where that sense of home may be. Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, is a planet known in astrology for its association with restriction, personal challenges and limitation. Something we all dwell on at one point or another, and often it is in these times we begin the journey that ultimately leads us home.


VI is all about harmonising my environment and finding balance by returning home and the exploration of what that really means. This year I challenged myself to spend more time exploring the hidden treasures of my beautiful corner of the world. For someone whose home has been on the road and wherever I rest my head, I quickly learned that returning wasn’t just a challenge for me, but what I have come to believe as a refreshing necessity and this has bled through into my craft.


The connection of this Zine being my sixth does not solely rest on this significant number’s association with challenges and limitations, growth and coming home. It also represents an alliance of equality and balance, something I believe to be a crucial factor in complete and continuous happiness. Saṃsāra, the Buddhist wheel of life, has six parts that are all representative of our existence and how everything comes full-circle. Whilst continuing to travel far and wide in my solitary, nomadic adventures, I balanced my endlessly changing horizon with the familiarity of home, whilst in the company of those who make home what it is for me, thus completing my circle.


I recall a memory as a small child and the first time I hand-printed a photograph. It was B&W and I remember being mesmerised by the power of the image, as it appeared on the paper in my tiny hands. All these years later, in a world flooded with so many digital images, holding a printed photograph in my hands can still evoke that same emotion in me. I only hope that by putting this collection in your hands, I can share that power with you.


Welcome to my heart, my home. Welcome to VI.


M. x


Sixth self-published zine.
(October 2017)

Size: B5 | Pages: 82 Pages
Cover: 300 gsm | Internal Pages: 140 gsm
Printed locally in Australia on 100% Recycled paper, with Environmentally Friendly Inks and using Clean Green Printing Processes.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide. 

✧   ✧   ✧


Price: $30 per zine (+ postage)
PLEASE NOTE: ALL PRICES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS and will ship from Nov 2nd, 2017 due to work commitments out of state.